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Talent Management

Offering Talent Consultation will help us both assess your professional level, provide feedback and determine if you’re a good fit for our firm. We believe in redirection, if your career level needs work we’re here to help. Our Talent Management division will gladly appoint you to resources that will help develop your career whether it’s through our programs or other opportunities in the Film and TV industry. We are up to speed with other organizations and networks and can always offer solutions to help you continue your professional development whether it's through our partners, associated companies or other platforms that offer these resources. 


If you hear from our Outreach team there’s a good chance we want to hear from you and get to know you better! This means we’re looking to set up a meeting to help understand your needs and have you engaged with GO Creative at any capacity.


Great Oak Creative is dedicated to pushing our Canadian Creatives forward in their professional practice. We support all disciplines across the Film and TV industry and hope to hear from Canada's top talent soon. We are thrilled to learn more about the talented individuals in Canada and representing them!

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