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Be Set Ready Workshops

A new educational opportunity for teaching BIPOC talent a marketable skill of makeup in the e-trades. 2022 Canadian Screen Award winner "Best Achievement in Makeup," Founder of emPowered by Beauty, Global Not-for-Profit Beauty School, Producer and Talent Manager Jessica Carter will be leading this session. Making a difference in the lives of BIPOC talent. Join Jessica Carter who will moderate a hands-on, practical workshop to train emerging professionals in the make-up department on set. Be Set Ready Workshops will feature a separate stream of exclusive classes that are dedicated to different disciplines in production. This series will include guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds in the film industry, joining Jessica Carter to introduce vital production skills and on set etiquette from different departments.


The Launch

“Be Set Ready” is a training course that consists of a series of workshops for 3 hours once a week. The course is experiential and theoretical and designed for specific roles that are transitioning to film and TV to broaden and deepen their career opportunities. Some of our workshops branch out to other roles on set for any level of actors, hair stylists, wardrobe etc.



This course will provide 10-15 students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful in their role in the film industry. Students will focus on set etiquette, film set terminology and working with other departments. The course will also cover the business and professional skills needed to succeed in the industry, such as networking, portfolio development, and the steps to take to get into the unions.


Join us!

Be Set Ready launches their first set of workshops to improve the level of professionalism amongst emerging production roles, improve their skills by applying what they learn on set, and obtaining strategies that will help decrease the amount of work that needs to be done on set.

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